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Willow Lake is a bedroom studio in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. My name is James Moats and I offer mixing, mastering, and small project recording solutions. I specialize in mixing home, live, and studio recordings and am confident that I can help get more out of your dry, flat recordings.

Catalog Your Reaper VST Usage


I wrote an app earlier this month that lists all the VST effects and instruments used in a directory full of Reaper sessions. The intended benefit of this is to allow you to reinstall Windows or get a new computer and have a definitive list of what effects need to be reinstalled.


I usually have hundreds of VSTs laying around that I installed, tried once, and promptly forgot about. This makes it a lot easier when starting fresh to trim the fat and get only the necessary VSTs reinstalled.

You can download the installer here:


Just download the file, extract it and then run Setup.exe.

After installing, run the app. Click the ellipsis (…) button to browse to the location of your Reaper projects, then click Search.

When the results come up, you can optionally remove VSTs that are installed with Reaper from the list by unchecking the option at the bottom right. Columns are sortable and the form is resizable.

Double click an entry in the list and it will bring up a list of projects that use that VST in your default web browser.

Sorry, it’s for Windows only.

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